Online Controller services

OnlineController web-based managment site allows you to control your Daikin Air-conditioning units via a laptop, tablet or smartphone with access to the Internet or via wired remote control. OnlineController managment provide to users many services - managment of A/C units or groups, alerts/logs reports, statistics, event history, weather forecast. Very important feature is application support for mobile and smartphone.


Paid Service Packages

Functions Extra Pack Supervisor Pack
Price 4,82€ / 1 year
28,92€ / 10 year
14,59€ / 1 year
87,54€ / 10 year
Unlimited number of Online Controllers on one account (BASIC account is only up to 9 units) yes yes
Advanced filtering of communication errors, controller faults and air conditioner malfunctions yes yes
Sorting of data form data-grid by any parameter yes yes
Planner with real time – calendar scheduler yes yes
Guaranteed faster refreshing of current room parameters and A/C status yes yes
Autonomous periodical connectivity check by e-mail no yes
Exceeded critical room temperature e-mail report no yes
History of alerts no yes
History of commands with identified source no yes
History of room temperatures no yes

Personal comfort

  • Remote control of air conditioner enables to switch on and fit up the temperature before arrival
  • Remote parental control of well-balanced temperature setting, when children are home alone
  • Unique tool for paralyzed and disabled people, they can control air conditioning on their own by specialized computers
  • Enables to secure the proper air conditioning for home pets and flora, even if nobody is at home
  • Online check of your air conditioner status, malfunction detection with Error Code helps to speed up time neccessary for the repairment

Heating under control

  • Remote monitoring make clients feeling safe, supresses a fear from new technologies, especially when heat pump operates as a monovalent source
  • Immediate malfunction report speeds up the repairment. Error details eliminate the need of error detection on place, enable servician to get ready and repair the system at first visit
  • Online Controller keeps heating mode and blocks other modes during winter. As a primary heating system, heat pump needs to avoid of confusion, sabotage or child thoughtlessness
  • When the space is for longer time unattended (f.e. holiday), remote decrease of setpoint remarkably economizes energy costs. Reheating of house closely before arrival by remote control is more flexible than fixed weekly scheduler

Cooling of sensitive technologies

  • Remote monitoring of air conditioning systems enables safe operation of sensitive devices
  • Targeted to sector if IT, Telecom, Measurement technologies
  • No personal attendance required to know temperature conditions
  • Detailed online information about A/C malfunction in selected language
  • Regular temperature check, warning when out of limits

Reducing Energy Costs

  • Online Controller doesn't forget to switch of the air conditioner, when leaving home or Office
  • Blocking contrary modes operation when several independent systems operate in the same space
  • Temperature limitation avoids of excessive settings
  • User can switch ON the A/C just before the arrival using SmartPhone. User comes to pre-cooled space and he didn't waste extra energy unlike using a timer